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How to Find Your Greatest Source of Inspiration

Everything seems quiet when it shouldn’t be. There’s a feeling in the air that doesn’t quite seem right. You have the answer right in front of your eyes and then, before you have time to blink, nothing. Suddenly, you’ve hit a wall and you’re backtracking to try and make your feet land solidly on the ground once again. What is it that seems so close, yet so far away?

One word: inspiration.

It feels like inspiration should be everywhere, but there are times where it doesn’t even seem within arm’s reach. Finding a spark of creativity poses to be quite the challenge at times, too. Mood boards and Internet surfing can be useful, but aren’t always the answer.

Only profiles can be the worst source of inspiration of all sometimes. Social media has absorbed an overwhelming amount of content and personalities on a global scale. The profiles found on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and more can leave even the most confident person with a hunger to become more, to emulate those that they find aesthetically pleasing and, the worst of all — change. So often I find a thought in my head that I didn’t know existed, creeping up over my shoulder and into my ear with a nearly inaudible whisper, saying, “If they can live, love, and look like that . . .why can’t you?”

These outlets can also pose as a frustrating issue to overcome when you want to come up with an idea

So, how do we find inspiration for ourselves? A simple, yet complex answer . . .

. . . within ourselves.

Inspiration comes from the depths of our own beings, whether we realize it or not. No personality is the same and no source of inspiration will affect anyone in the same exact way.

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