Mind Measurements


Velocity, volume, viscosity.

All different by definition, but still add up to measurements and qualities to a degree of a person, place, or thing,

How does one measure themselves by standards of social constructs, norms, and construction of reputation?

No wrong answer, no right answer.

Determining the aspects of our own dimensions and identities takes more than rulers and water beakers found in the deepest drawers of high school chemistry classrooms that every student either despised or never took the time to learn how to use. Covered in dust and left with the remnants of failed projects prior on the inside of the brim, multiple uses were not only encouraged but more than likely enforced. Filled with various items and liquids time and time again with no choice but to consume what they were given, they became what was involuntarily pressed upon them

We are not tools used for mediocre science classes that many of us dreaded to think of. Ideas and pieces of information are gradually poured into our minds every day, but we have the choice to either take or leave these scraps to create our own paths.

We have the capacity to become more, but nobody can force any volume of anything into our heads without the acknowledgement of our wills.

Velocity, volume, viscosity . . .

. . .volition.

via Daily Prompt: Volume


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