Various ramblings of nonsense? You decide.


Hi, all! I’m Cait, and whatever outlet or notion has brought you to this page, welcome! I can’t promise you that this will be unlike any blog that you’ve seen before, but I can promise that it will be unique content pertaining to my life (and hopefully yours, too).

Writing always has been and always will be among my most endeared passions. I’m not a stranger to the blogging world, but I have been on hiatus for quite some time and far too long.

It’s hard to say where this site will take both myself as the author and you as the reader, but I’m hoping that my collections of words will open a door for each of us to learn something more about ourselves that we might not have discovered beforehand.

Perambulate around my musings. Dive into each post and attempt to experience them through your own eyes.

Above all, choose freely.